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Our lecturers


Margaret Kelly

 Margaret is a founder and the director of the college. An experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist

    and Psychotherapist, she also has a busy full time practice in Burleigh Heads on the Gold

    Coast. Her practice is based on referrals from doctors and other professionals, as well as

    word of mouth from her clients. She teaches the core hypnotherapy subjects of the course

    with the practical wisdom that comes from dealing with client issues daily.

    For more details about Margaret, click here


Joane Goulding

Joane developed The Goulding Process - SleepTalkTM for Children program which carries its own certification. She began with spreading this valuable system for working with children throughout Australia, and such was its success, she is currently teaching it worldwide. The SleepTalk™ for Children program is now an essential part of the APCCH course. To find out more, go to http://www.sleeptalkchildren.com


Angelique Porter

Angelique is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist. She brings her gentle wisdom and experience in the field of StressFree Childbirthing to add to therapists' skills. This component teaches hypnotherapists how to assist mothers-to-be to experience a more enjoyable birth. These skills are also useful for dealing with other client issues.


Roland James

Roland has a unique view of life. As an experienced practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist, with his own practice at Runaway Bay, Roland is able to share his real-life experiences of dealing with clients with students. How better to give new hypnotherapists an understanding of the realities of therapy! For more details on Roland, see http://www.rolandjameshypnosis.com





Next Course begins March 2017. Applications now closed

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

    This course teaches the assessment and treatment of clients using Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, as well as the rapid and effective techniques of inducing the hypnotic state.Course Dates........

    • NEW! Skills Enhancement Unit

      Qualified hypnotherapy students follow up their initial training and consolidate their skills with our new Skills Enhancement Unit (SEU) training course.

    “The first duty of a lecturer - to hand you, after an hour's discourse, a nugget of pure truth to wrap up between the pages of your notebooks and keep on the mantelpiece forever”
    Virginia Woolf.